Philharmonia Orchestra, Queen Elizabeth Hall
London Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

"warm melodic gifts... tremendously exciting playing...
with a fabulous mastery of the bow and superb intonation.
Min Lee has a way with melody, ravishing in the first movement but coming 
into its own in the second, where her playing was sinuous and long-breathed.
As thrilling a devil - take - the hindmost performance as I've heard in a while" 

Tim Homfray 


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Festival Hall

“The violinist Min Lee certainly communicated her passion and commitment. The freshness and energy she brings to the work was thoroughly appealing …she brought this cherished work to live. ”

Catherine Nelson


Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Town Hall

Soloist Min Lee impresses with considerable technical accomplishment and focus in her performance of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto.

Her persuasive and lyrical account of the slow movement is undoubtedly the high point.

Rodney Smith

Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 2
Soloist Lee Huei Min 
Conductor Charles Dutoit 

University Cultural Centre 
10 March 2003 
A historic visit to Singapore

“Lee performed admirably. From the solo introductory violin statement to the conclusion, her performance shone, particularly in the slow movement, when she employed her surprisingly rich and full bodied tone to great effect on the long melodic lines….”

Frank DeMeglio

“In the Prokofiev Concerto with Dutoit and the NHK, Lee displayed consummate mastery of her technique …a natural feeling for the middle period Russian romanticism …stamping her personal signature on this work.”



Vienna Chamber Orchestra 
Konzerthaus, Mozart Saal, Vienna


Wiener Zeitung by Herbert Muller, 
March 2003
“Lee was unconventional with an exalted, noble spirited and sparkling tone… a stupendous left hand security, and a spectacular bow arm technique, she admirably created an impression of light serenity and cheerfulness at the same time.”

Carmen Fantasy (Waxman) 
Hartford Symphony
Hartford Courant

“Waxman’s Carmen Fantasy especially works well in the hands of a young, energetic and frighteningly polished player like Lee. Not only was she all over the place technically flawless, but she has already developed a sense of drama and flair.”

Steve Metcalf

Lalo Symphonie Espagnole 
Winston-Salem Symphony
Winston-Salem Journal, USA 


Virtuoso : violinist gives stunning performance
“a magnificent violinist … a ‘must-hear’. Min reveals a heady blend of virtuosity and insights in every bar . Her technique is of a frighteningly high quality. Watch how her nimble fingers tear through the embellishment-filled concluding rondo.

Lee clarifies the infectious dance rhythms of Spanish inspiration with a boldness and passion and she captures the almost Mendelssohnian delicacy of the second movement’s concluding measures…..light and effortless!

Fortunately, the fireworks never steal the show…Lee makes the opening movement’s second theme, marked dolce expressivo ring out with glowing warmth and expression.”
Ken Keuffel 

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 
Winston-Salem Symphony

“An absolutely spectacular performance of Tchaikovsky’s Concerto…

Min delivered rippling passages as if they were child’s play, and combined this phenomenal virtuosity with extremely sensitive musicianship.

Her playing was on a level to which all 
great musicians aspire.”

Bob Waters
Winston-Salem Journal, NC, USA 

Lalo Symphonie Espangnole 
Singapore Symphony Orchestra

“Min’s technical authority and unadorned style makes for fresh listening…the endlessly seductive nuances, robust moods were conveyed with stylish buoyant aplomb and panache.

The Scherzo danced with a delectable lightness, its lyrical strain enticingly Carmen-esque. But crowning all was her sparkling infectious painting of the scintillating Spanish rhythms in the colorful finale, taken remarkably fast, her fleet footed free rein violinistic coloratura throwing off sparks of all hues.

Lionel Choi 

Wieniawski Violin Concerto 
Singapore Symphony Orchestra

“This Concerto demands a violin virtuoso to astound the audience … a challenge that Lee took up with no difficulty at all… her playing style was exceptionally clean and firmly grounded in solid technical foundation.

The gorgeous deep sound she squeezes out of her violin was sinfully sweet, especially in the slow movement where she dug deep and high into the lower strings. The mileage she got of one bow stroke was certainly an inspiration.

The fervant finale was written ostentatiously, in anticipation of acclamation from ardent audience, and this was what Lee got. ”

David Chow


Wigmore Hall

The violinist Lee Huei Min, ably partnered by the experienced Gordon Back, brought admiration for her tone and a positive approach at her Wigmore Hall debut…the audience greatly enjoyed the glitter of Waxma’s Carmen Fantasy. 

Geoffrey Crankshaw

Gordon Back 
Recital Reviews

Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Singapore

“A thorough mastery of her instrument, drawing from it a warm rich tone, vast dynamic contrast and a myriad shades of expression.

Brahms was played with a mature understanding of styles, with no overdoing of rubatos so that when the occasion called for a really big one, the effect was miraculous.

The rapport with pianist Gordon Back was impeccable.

Wieniawski’s Faust Fantasy and Waxman’s Carmen Fantasy were tossed off with uncanny ease. ”


Shanghai, Beijing, Malaysia, Singapore
Star North, Pinang

Under the spell of virtuoso violinist

“Exquisite and almost flawless. Min and Gordon mesmerised the full house at Dewan Sri Pinang, holdng the audience captive throughout… she placed them under the spell of her enormous talent. Technical ability apart, Lee’s interpretation and knowledge for the music is deep, and her intonation, spot on throughout.

Franck Sonata was delivered in interpretive harmony.

In the technical fireworks Wieniawski Faust and Waxman Carmen, she made double stops and pizzicato look easy. Throughout, Back’s accompaniment was sensitive and sympathetic.

The concert ended with a deserved standing ovation,
and the audience would not let them go.” 

Cheok Lim